What are Pathfinder Trails?

We specialise in self-guided family trails, a perfect and safe way to get physical and mental exercise, explore a popular town or city in a unique way and have fun with friends and family!

We run two types of trails! Firstly, we run a family trail leading you around your chosen town with the route including fact finding, photo challenges as well as a series of tasks along the way (think of the television show Taskmaster!). The trails are points based, with bonuses being awarded for answers that are imaginative, unique or simply make our team of markers laugh!

We also run a more challenging ‘outdoor escape room’ trail based around the app What3words. You will solve clues and puzzles that will lead you around the town in order to unravel a mystery. Here points are available for solving the mystery and completing bonus tasks along the way. 

Our trails run across certain towns during School Holidays. Check each town’s individual page on this website for further details. Prizes, including meal and experience vouchers, will be awarded for the teams with the most points during each trail! 

How do I book?

Click “Book Now” and select the trail and town you would like to take part in. Select a time slot to collect your trail but please note once collected you can complete it at your own pace and in your own time. Your confirmation email will contain further details about the trail (including any trail-specific information), where you need to collect your trail from and confirm your time slot. Simply show the email to the staff at the location to receive your trail and answers sheet.

How do I submit my answers?

Our trails are all about the points and not how quickly you can finish! A lot of the challenges are photo or video based with bonus points for answers that are particularly imaginative, funny or unique. In addition to the trail, you will also pick up an answer sheet to record written answers. To be in with a chance of being a prize winner submit all your answers to our team via Whatsapp on 07377945140. You can send them in as you go or when you are home connected to wi-fi. Once submitted, we will mark your answers, reveal your score and send details of your prize if you are a high-scoring winner at the end of each prize window.  We will then delete your answers once you have received your score.

What will I need to bring with me?

Comfortable shoes are essential! You will also need your confirmation email, a pen and a fully charged up camera phone for the photo and video challenges. You will notice that some of the trails also require you to download the app What3words, this will be in the trail’s descriptions and further details in the confirmation email.

Who are the trails designed for?

We have designed our trails to appeal to all age groups, including families with young children and groups of friends. The main aim of the trails is to get outdoors and explore the local area, rather than to appeal to a particular age group. There are no age-appropriate aspects to the trails.

How much walking do I have to do and how long will it take?

The trails tend to be just under two miles in length and we find that most people complete them in around an hour and a half to two hours. However, there is no time limit for completion, plenty of people stop for a bit of a break and maybe even an ice cream! If a younger member of your team finds their little legs need a bit of a break then feel free to pick it up again the following day.

Are the trails wheelchair friendly?

We have done our best to make sure the trails are wheelchair friendly.  However due to the nature of some locations, older towns in particular, this isn’t always possible. Where possible we try to suggest an alternative route that picks up the main trail as quickly as possible.